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Hydrens is a biotech patch infused with active ingredients.

What is biotech? Biotech is an advanced technology method using natural resources and safe micro-organisms instead of chemicals.


Taurus is Infused with Caffeine, Taurine, Vitamin C & B12

Stimulating & motivating


Concentration enhancing

Reduces fatigue & drowsiness

Improves reaction time, and motor coordination

Morfeo is Infused with Melatonin, Valerian, Eucalyptus Oil & Lavender Oil 

Sleep promoting

Sleep modulating

Soothing and calming to overcome anxious times 

Reduces body temperature

Reduces jet lag 




Pain Relief

In Development 


Innovative Patches Boosted By Water

Hydrens Patch is efficient, because of its deep penetration and infusion technology. 

Without high levels of water, active ingredients struggle to cross the skin barrier.

Moisture is necessary for skin penetration, which is why Hydrens is made out of 95% water.​

Hydrens is infused, not soaked 

 Hydrens allows the active ingredients to travel into the body quickly and safely


About Hydrens

Hydrens adapted a medical grade patch, and revolutionized it for commercial use. 



Delivery Proven to be Fast & Effective  

Eco-Friendly​ & Biodegradable 

Safe, Reliable, Easy 

8 Patents 

Healthy Alternative to Oral Pills

Cruelty Free

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